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  • Karen Cullen Avatar
    Karen Cullen

    On top of having a fantastic selection of products, the group of people whom work there are just awesome!!! We love you all!!😊 K Bachinsky❤ -

    Nikki Bannwart Avatar
    Nikki Bannwart

    I had the best experience. I will definitely be a return customer. They called me to confirm my order and it was delivered in about... read more -

    Diego P. Avatar
    Diego P.

    5 star rating Their customer service is amazing! And their drivers too! Prices are excellent! Easy web access and no hassle. -

  • Selenne D. R Avatar
    Selenne D. R

    Been coming to these guys for a couple of months now. They’re always helpful and the quality is great! Definitely would recommend anyone and everyone! -

    Nathan Gray Avatar
    Nathan Gray

    I was in the Tri-Valley area and didn't know where to go so I called these guys and they met me where I was eating... read more -

    Kassandra Brown Avatar
    Kassandra Brown

    I have been using Elevated for close to three years now. They are the most kind, caring, compassionate individuals I have ever met. Recently, they... read more -

  • Vanessa Ryann Avatar
    Vanessa Ryann

    I LOVE Elevated Group Organics! They’re fast, extremely friendly and they go above and beyond to help me feel better!! Amanda is their SUPERSTAR!!! -

    Harrison Rae Avatar
    Harrison Rae

    Had an outstanding experience thanks to Freddy and Usman. Great dudes with great customer service. Informative, helpful and topped it off with great products. -

    Tabatha Jacoby Avatar
    Tabatha Jacoby

    These guys rock it. Their products are good quality. The service is awesome. They call and confirm your order before they even leave to delivered... read more -

  • Rocio B. Avatar
    Rocio B.

    5 star rating I have very bad migraines since 2014.  The Western medicine wasn't helping, so I decided to do the medical marijuana. It's been almost two years... read more -

    Stephanie Sheyman Avatar
    Stephanie Sheyman

    I have been coming here for about 3 months know..i have to say i love this place..they have great deals all the time and the... read more -

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